Yak Milk Dog Puffs – FREE delivery w 2 packs


A whole packet of Yak Milk Dog Puffs for your dog, yummy!


Free delivery within Singapore, with purchase of just 2 packets.

By popular demand Yak Milk Dog Puffs have arrived!

Yak Milk Dog Puffs are tasty treats made by microwaving short stubs of Yak Milk Dog Chews. The chews will puff up into a ‘crunchy marshmallow’ after microwaving, and are allowed to cool at room temperature.

Yak Milk Dog Chews and Puffs are derived from the milk of yaks raised in the Himalayan regions of Nepal, at an altitude of 10,000 feet and above. The yaks are free to graze and are never given any hormones, antibiotics or other chemicals.

Benefits include:
– 100% natural with no preservatives, chemical or additives
– Hand-made dog chew
– Safe for consumption
– Dental and health benefits
– Long-lasting
– High protein content

As the manufacturing process takes place mainly by hand, each Yak Milk Dog Puff may come in slightly different shapes, sizes and shades. Nonetheless, all Yak Milk Dog Puffs will provide a tasty cheesy treat for your dog!

Each packet contains ~ 75gm of Yak Milk Dog Puffs.

Yak Milk Dog Puffs may be purchased via www.fb.com/yakmilkdogchews (FB PM) or via www.YakMilkDogChews.com